Transform into your magnificence.


Have you seen a small baby coming into the world complaining of any weight issues? Complaining of lethargy or tiredness? Simply NO….the little babies are full of energy, vibrancy ,vitality and lightness.

What happens as babies turns to little humans and then adults?

Many reasons, but today lets just focus on one.

A baby is like freshly hatched caterpillar into a butterfly unknown to the outside conditioning of parents, friends or media. Her inner being is safely protected until she is in the loving nourishing cocoon of her mother. As soon as she progresses through her life her inner being is exposed to those influences and gradually her lighter soul is weighed down with limiting beliefs which results in unhealthy behaviours and ultimately chronic ailments and weight issues.

 “Often our outside manifestation of ill health is hidden in our inner being.”


So what if you can devote some time to nourish your inner being by building a cocoon around you?

“A cocoon of positive thoughts, engagement in self-loving activities, accepting love and kindness from others.”


Your cocoon will further strengthen by

  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Letting go of any resistance, any boundaries of past, present and future.
  • Forgiving your self and others
  • Talking to your best friend or mentor or simply to yourself.


When you engage in these activities your cocoon will get strong hour by hour; day by day; month by month and one day, your inner being will comes alive once again …ready to fly, ready to be transformed into a sparkling, light , colourful and magnificent butterfly!!!


That is my hope for you and wishing you well with my quote:

 Our outer beauty and wellness starts with our inner transformation”


Pranita Salunke

Occupational Therapist, MSc Preventive Cardiology

Specialist in Weight loss, Diabetes control and bringing  Vitality in your life.

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