Releasing those Pounds: Why bother 6 rewards to motivate you to BOTHER!!

Well, I get it! Life-long habits of food, sleep and exercise are difficult to change. Also, the hectic lifestyle around your work and  family makes you wonder how I am going to give myself the gift of being in good shape when my there are 20 work deadlines coming next week and taking care of all my family (read: husband, wife , children, grandchildren, mom,dad, Uncle and Aunty). Won’t that makes you look a a bit self-fish???

Just take this moment to think carefully, what if , if you spend just 1 hr to look after you, will not that help you serve others better? Keeping your self physically and emotionally charged, how do you think will benefit your relationship with family and productivity at work? Think about it, may be write your answers in your journal.

Science of behaviour change, informs us that people makes changes in their habit either because they FEAR the consequences of not changing or they get EXCITED about getting all the rewards for making the positive change. I feel, the embracing the second option would ensure the longer lasting change. However, some people purely operate on the FEAR drive….every individual varies. For today we will explore 6 rewards you receive when you reach your ideal weight.

Rewards :

  1. Improves Heart Health: Donating some of the body weight generate a lot more benefits than feeling better in your swimsuit or in your favourite suit . Dropping even 5-10% of your excess weight  can greatly improve your vascular health by reducing blood pressure, blood cholesterol and improving blood sugar. No surprise it helps to improve your hear function (Blackburn 1995).

2.Keep Chronic Disease at bay:  Being lighter also positively influences the conditions such as  high blood pressure and diabetes. These conditions which are famously linked with heart diseases.  Even the reversal of these condition is a possibility if you are following healthy eating and  physical activity for a long term. For this reason, weight management is always an essential part of primary heart disease  prevention programme which is aimed at prevention heart diseases and stroke. In other words, the effort you’re making toward achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight can not only prevent, but also reverse specific health concerns.

3. Lipids:  Weight loss has also positive influence on cholesterol and triglyceride levels.  The New England Journal of Medicine published  a study (Wood and colleagues, 1988)(randomised control trial) where  the researchers followed 2 weight loss groups  (diet group and exercise group) for one year and compared them to a control group. The study found that both weight loss groups in comparison to control group had increase in ‘good’ cholesterol (High Density Lipoprotein) and significant reduction in ‘bad’ cholesterol (triglycerides). Improving your lipid profile reduces your risk of heart diseases.

4. Enhanced Confidence, Improved Body Image,Better Self Esteem and Renewed Positive Outlook: Just imagine, what shift it will make to your confidence, when you don’t have to think with effort to buy specific clothes to hide those unwanted tires.Think of joy on your face when you dress in front of mirror ! You no longer have to be self conscious when interacting in a social or a work group.  All these reasons will  boosts your positive outlook  even when in tough circumstances.

5. Enhanced Energy and Vitality: Nutritious food and enhanced physical activity during the journey towards healthy weight means you are injecting a great energy  and vitality in your body (literally)!

6.Its Fun!: Imagine you have to move your heavy body while playing your favourite sports, say football. Now visualise  2 size lighter version of your self in your favourite football gear, Who is looking much more attractive and who is having much more fun? Well, you get the answer……having a healthy weight is not about strict diet or stringent exercise routine……It’s all about having FUN!!!!

So have some!!

In the next blog, I will share few tips on how you can take control of your mind in order to achieve the ideal body weight, so keep reading!!!

Until then, keep this reasons in front of you and see which one resonate most with you. If you have any more questions, please contact,

At Vitality Health Clinic, a  healthy heart specialist who is  registered Occupational Therapist will help you successfully reach your ideal weight goal.

(This is the 1st article in the series of 4 article to keep you motivated to take ACTIONS towards healthy weight!)


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