Purpose and your health.



Working with many people in my 16 years of clinical practice; I discovered one truth…

“ You don’t die when you loose your heart beat, you DIE when you lose your purpose and meaning of life”

 Meaningful and passionate life is what makes us be truly alive or dead!

Losing that meaning is when we see young kids raised on the state benefits getting killed unnaturally .


I see similar situations every day!

A strong urge to share this feeling with you aroused when I met a 65-year-old Ms. B in the hospital I work. I attempted to teach a simple breathing exercise to her and, in spite of ability to do them; she insisted someone’s encouragement and presence else refusal to engage in them. The thing is; for last many years she has become severely dependent on her family. Her 3 daughters do her personal hygiene; washing and dressing her, even helping her with toileting, they put food and drink on her lap and care for her 24 hr/7 days a week! Even though she can at least participate in half of the tasks, if she puts her mind into doing it.

But after interviewing her, her eyes conveyed the sense the loss of meaning and drive to contribute.

She is now admitted with fall and severe infection and being nursed for 24hr/7 just like she used for so many years.

When Ms. B refused to compline, I could feel that there is no energy in her soul. I know deep  in my heart that even though she survives this hospitalisation ; it will be a matter of few days that her body will follow the suit of her soul.

On the other hand, we see this very old lady vendor on the rural streets of India , a sincere smile from a heart and hope for future.indian-vendor

We see a dedicated and passionate athlete like The Little Master, Sachin Tendulkar. Perhaps,the greatest batsman of all time who almost ended his career prematurely when the doctors said that it might be impossible for him to play at the highest level again. But converting impossible to I M Possible Sachin came back strongly and was a part of Indian World Cup winning team in 2011.


Passion for their craft was what made Tiger woods, Lance Armstrong and Michael Jordan to return to and become emperor of their sports creating history for a new generation to be inspire.

This meaningful life is why I see my clients and many motivated individuals enjoy a good health and sense of wellbeing.

But going beyond that,

  • I see them creating a beautiful literature for many readers to enjoy.
  • I see them shifting their priorities and offering compassionate care to their old mothers.
  • I see them running for THEIR charity in deserts of Sahara’s.

So believe me your diet or activity level or your health markers alone are not going to determine how long your heart beat will last but your MISSION will!

 My challenge to you,

Find your mission, find your purpose, today!



Pranita Salunke

Occupational Therapist, MSc Preventive Cardiology.


Vitality Health Clinic is formed with a purpose of

Eliminating the threat of chronic conditions across the world and help people to live a vibrant life”



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