Practice NEAT(ly) for optimum health


So you have been told eat well and exercise better and you will loose weight. Wrong!

If you do both of the above things and sit in front of computer all day, sit for long meeting, sit on sofa for hours after your gym session, you will see some results but those could be enhanced by one simple change in your life called, NEAT!

Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) is the energy you use for everything else apart from sleep, eating, sports activity the range of activities vary from energy expended walking to work, typing, gardening, and even fidgeting.

What it does to you?

NEAT increase metabolic rate and therefore your use of energy hence it is as important to consider when you are focusing on optimum health may be via a weight loss or disease control or jlooking to enhance your energy.

Some animal studies suggest that activities in part of brain called hypothalamus which regulates many functions such as functions such as temperature regulation, thirst, hunger, sleep, mood, sex drive, and the release of other hormones within the body.

We can agree that industrialisation has changed a modern man from our active ancestors, creating increase in disease.

Two of my clients got an immense benefit from this; a middle age man with resistant (to any treatment) migraine headache, stopped having headache since he started working in standing position. Similarly my client who comes for healthy weight she saw improvements on scale by working using standing desk.

So friends, lets go back to EASE from DISEASE by being more NEAT!

I will be sharing more practical advise about this on my this weeks video blog.

If you find this advise helpful please share it among your friends and encourage them to be more NEAT.

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Until, we meet in person.Live well, Live with Vitality and embrace a vibrant life!


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