‘Diabetes’- Being Comfortable isn’t always Pleasurable!

Blog Jan 1

Have you ever received a constant nagging from your parents or partner may be regarding your habit of not putting clothes away or making a mess in living room? We try to correct it until mom or dad or our spouse is around and as soon as they are away we start looking at T.V or play on I-pad or mobile. The LONG TERM pain of putting things away for clutter free house is too much when compared to SHORT-TERM pleasure of comfort and entertainment.

Do you perhaps relate to this scenario? Eventually what happens we start to IGNORE that constant nagging if our habits remains the same and eventually ARGUMENTs or fights start to happen..causing distress and pain in the environment…..Hmm, we then wonder if embracing change was the answer to live in HARMONY?

On similar note, do you think the song sung  (nagging) by various organisations and health experts that “ Diabetes is a silent killer …….Mother of all diseases” gets ignored? For few days we make better choices, toughen up our New Year Resolutions, make plans to give up bread, sugar, biscuits…and in few weeks we see ourself reaching for the very best last chocolate cookie on the shelf….and slowly we break our pattern.

This happens because we think, long term PLEASURE of living without diabetes is far away than immediate pleasure of eating our favourite food, I get it , it’s hard.

It’s hard…but let me tell you one thing, listen very carefully, IT IS POSSIBLE….it is possible to embrace the healthy life in order to create HARMONIOUS health.

Let me ask those of you who have diabetes for long time. How do you feel about the pain of managing your insulin injections or an array of medicines while doing your work or looking after your kids or managing your own business?  Be open and honest….isn’t it FREAKING PAINFUL….much much more  painful than saying no THANK YOU for that ice-cream dessert or that chocolate cookie.

But alas people with diabetes or pre-diabetes or those who lead unhealthy lifestyle are bombarded by the media and  health professionals about its side-effects from getting heart attack, stroke , kindness disease, amputation and many  more. Then what happens….we slowly tend to developed ‘desensitised ear syndrome’ exactly like ignoring to put the clutter away, we start to ignore that health  advise and happily live in our comfortable way.

What if, in this very fresh New Year I told you that it is possible to change this patten in 2015 and that the positive shift is necessary and  possible.

I am truly passionate to help people take care of this epidemic of diabetes which is slowly poisoning our society…when its venom can be pulled away easily.

Together, we can achieve it. In the consecutive blogs I will guide you with simples you can take to make that positive shift a reality, so keep reading.

Take a little challenge! Write down 3 habits which you know you can change to prevent the risk of diabetes …’Awareness is Key’ , if you know it , you can do something about it.

In mean time, feel free to connect to Vitality Health Clinic , if you need more advise on Diabetes Management.

Till then, remember, Being Comfortable isn’t always Pleasurable!!!

Happy New Year.

Live Well, Live with Vitality!

Pranita Salunke

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