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Hands make heart shape
Hands make heart shape

If you are like many you may have set some New Year’s resolutions for your health. Setting goals is a proven  positive training tactic; goals can boost the effectiveness of your training by 6–8% (Kylio & Landers, 1995).  However, it has also been shown that these resolutions often are broken in a very short time to lack of passion for the pursuit and other reasons.

So what can you do to ensure your goals have maximum momentum to achieve your desire results?

Along with having right tools, strategy and professional help – your health care provider or fitness trainer, depending on your goal; there is even more important aspect to achieve your health goal.


Imagine, you have friend who keeps you accountable to attend weekly gym classes, a relative who reminds you to make an annual medical check ups ,co-worker who shows you their fit-bit score of 10,000 steps/day, or a spouse who cooks or shops for healthy dinner, parents or family who love to meet in park for sports or active fun?

You may already started feeling healthy, right?


This is what happens when you are surrounded with people who are aligned with your goals. But I get it , it is always not easy to have this Ideal situation. A lack of  spousal and friendly support can be  unfavorable to your health goals. it.

 So what can you do ?


Set the intention: Be clear about what you want from this support. There are many benefits of having the support group,

  • you can be held accountable for activity such as going for daily walk, having healthy home cooked dinner, attending a class together.
  • Information sharing about new tools each of you discovered.
  • Inspire each other with your results.

So depending on your intention write down all the people in your life that can support you and then simply reach to them.



Check out support groups in your area :  Check out your local area which may have weekly groups  where members attend and share their progress, roadblocks, and tips for success.  Often you may be able to build long term friendship with the members …an added advantage!


Self- help by recording in a journal: Simply write your goals and write daily / weekly actions, and monitor it by either ticks or stickers. And celebrate the success by treating yourself to your favourate activity either a well-deserved weekend break or simply as simple as buying flowers for yourself.  Whatever you choose, do it regularly as  consistency is the KEY to success!



  • Take advantage of Vitality Health Clinic’s Group programme-New Year New You! 

Along with giving you tools and strategies, the group members will be encouraged to support each other. Various activities will be encourage, walks, classes, healthy eating out, emails and telephone calls, to ensure your goals are massive success.


For more information please contact Pranita Salunke on 07859074237,


Let’s make this year understand and savour the strength of social support of being Human!

Get connected with people!


‘Live Well and Live with Vitality’  and remember,

Prevention is better than cure

Pranita Salunke

Occupational Therapist specialised in Healthy Heart

Vitality Health Clinic




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  1. I can certainly vouch for the value of support, from family, friends or professionals; whether it’s for accountability, a gentle nudge in the right direction, or someone to help ensure you don’t lose focus.

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