You are creator of your health.

Self-Empowerment-1Each one of us has the ability to heal ourself from any chronic conditions. This is absolutely possible when we align our motivation and stronger mindset with right structure and strategy.

Visualise a person receiving a diagnosis of chronic condition be it diabetes which causes disruption to their quality of life  or more life-threatening conditions such as cancer, where the fear death hangs on your head every day. The first thing that happens is the person ‘loses his self-power’ and relies on external measures/plan created by his doctor,dietician, and surgeon.

But now having experience of successfully guiding (note: not treating) my  clients away from those fears, I can confidently say that when you regain that self-power by working on developing the stronger mindset to create your own ultimate health, that’s when true healing starts to happen; INSIDE OUT.

So, I welcome you to take this challenge of choosing not to give your power away and recover from overweight, diabetes, by empowering yourself!

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Until, we meet in person.

Live well, Live with Vitality.


Multitasking: Healthy/ Unhealthy?

multitaskingMultitasking was rated as one of the great skills by many of the employers. Not anymore! Leaders in business growth are proving that it creates poor quality work.

I hear the stories and complaints from my clients that because of multitasking they lack clarity and focus and, therefore, resorts to poor habits detrimental to their health, work and relationships.

Personally, when I transited my thinking from being distracted with many tasks in my hand to devoting my full attention to one task or a person in front of me, I have started getting results in the form of rewarding work and most meaningful and satisfactory relationship.

Although life and work often demand us to multitask, we just have to be mindful of its close relation with stress and another health impact.

So, I invite you to challenge yourself to take 5 minutes every few hours and ask yourself, what is the impact I want to have by doing so many things or conversation at the same time?

Instead evaluate your priorities and give your undivided attention to a task which is going to produce epic work and meaningful work and life conversations.

Death- Natural or artificial! which one you are choosing?

blog, death

‘She rests peacefully at age of 95 , surrounded by her friends and family, in her family home where she raised her beautiful children and accomplished a successful career’

Don’t you think you will love to have this kind of obituary read at your funeral?

Natural deaths are unavoidable like old age, natural calamities or God’s Wish.

However, imagine a 42 years old high profile man with swollen waist size sitting at his desk Monday to Friday and sometimes on weekend, working hard to tend to his family’s, societies and work needs?  Often suffering sleepless,anxiety-filled nights, smoking and resorting to unhealthy foods to fill the void …A year later, his medical certificate reads

“ Mr. Smith, died of a massive heart attack after suffering from severe cholesterol, overweight and diabetes. All the 3 heart arteries were irreversibly blocked. He lives a young family of 2 kids and wife”

And this is what I mean by artificial death; Untimely often  avoidable by awareness and systematic actions.

So, if life has given you a kick  at the back by showing you any signals such as diagnosis of diabetes, blood pressure or chronic pain. Understand this red signals and DON’T wait for life to get carried away until there is no more life to live.

After all if you are no more, what is going to happen with your sweets kids, your work or business you have nurtured so far? What about your dream of contributing to society?

Are you willing to let all die with you?

If not understand strong health is foundation of success in all areas.

It’s your choice –Choose Wisely- Natural or artificial Death?

Live well, Live with Vitality and remember,

Prevention IS better than cure.

Be Human, Lets connect!

Hands make heart shape
Hands make heart shape

If you are like many you may have set some New Year’s resolutions for your health. Setting goals is a proven  positive training tactic; goals can boost the effectiveness of your training by 6–8% (Kylio & Landers, 1995).  However, it has also been shown that these resolutions often are broken in a very short time to lack of passion for the pursuit and other reasons.

So what can you do to ensure your goals have maximum momentum to achieve your desire results?

Along with having right tools, strategy and professional help – your health care provider or fitness trainer, depending on your goal; there is even more important aspect to achieve your health goal.


Imagine, you have friend who keeps you accountable to attend weekly gym classes, a relative who reminds you to make an annual medical check ups ,co-worker who shows you their fit-bit score of 10,000 steps/day, or a spouse who cooks or shops for healthy dinner, parents or family who love to meet in park for sports or active fun?

You may already started feeling healthy, right?


This is what happens when you are surrounded with people who are aligned with your goals. But I get it , it is always not easy to have this Ideal situation. A lack of  spousal and friendly support can be  unfavorable to your health goals. it.

 So what can you do ?


Set the intention: Be clear about what you want from this support. There are many benefits of having the support group,

  • you can be held accountable for activity such as going for daily walk, having healthy home cooked dinner, attending a class together.
  • Information sharing about new tools each of you discovered.
  • Inspire each other with your results.

So depending on your intention write down all the people in your life that can support you and then simply reach to them.



Check out support groups in your area :  Check out your local area which may have weekly groups  where members attend and share their progress, roadblocks, and tips for success.  Often you may be able to build long term friendship with the members …an added advantage!


Self- help by recording in a journal: Simply write your goals and write daily / weekly actions, and monitor it by either ticks or stickers. And celebrate the success by treating yourself to your favourate activity either a well-deserved weekend break or simply as simple as buying flowers for yourself.  Whatever you choose, do it regularly as  consistency is the KEY to success!



  • Take advantage of Vitality Health Clinic’s Group programme-New Year New You! 

Along with giving you tools and strategies, the group members will be encouraged to support each other. Various activities will be encourage, walks, classes, healthy eating out, emails and telephone calls, to ensure your goals are massive success.


For more information please contact Pranita Salunke on 07859074237,


Let’s make this year understand and savour the strength of social support of being Human!

Get connected with people!


‘Live Well and Live with Vitality’  and remember,

Prevention is better than cure

Pranita Salunke

Occupational Therapist specialised in Healthy Heart

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Environment and We 5 ways to make it for you!



This is my second blog on the relation between environment and healthy and life! Too much focus is given in the media and medical community but I believe the RIGHT environment is THE key to achieve this goal.


Today, I will share 5 slightly different perspective on this very key factor towards energetic body and mind.


  • Visualization: As a school kids we learnt through various senses and touch, images and audio were very much part of it. As we grew we tend to forget this key aspect! So why not embrace this proven technique once again. If wearing that specific suit or a fabulous dress is your goal, place its images in front of you all the time in your bedroom, kitchen, your car, office table and feel the joy as you visualize it wearing it.


And same way for your other health goals!



Believe me it will give a creative juice to your attempts to create your ideal body and mind!



  • Physical environment: Feng shui and Indian Vastu shrastra (science of environment), have long put emphasize on the connection between physical environment and health.


Just look around and remove the visible items which are not consistent with your current goals. If improving your core strength and posture is your goal, how much time you spent on sofa, slouching rather than sitting upright or doing core strengthening workout? Do you need so many relaxing chairs in living room?

  • Transfer of Happiness: Often it has been said the happiness in one area is usually transferred to other areas. It is so true. Ask your self, what is other ‘tricky’ area my life, am I happy with my current work? How are my relations with my family or my partner?

And then simply take steps to achieve that goals.

Love and fulfillment will make you happy and give the necessary motivation to fulfill your health goals as well.


  • Sensuous experience: Hit all of your senses even your nose. Use potpourri, incense or any other scents to bring a new smell to your home, workplace. It will create a tranquil feeling which will give you more mental energy that will stop you to crave to seek energy from unhealthy food. Believe me as I have learned this from a personal experience.


  • Make it a family business: What kind of role model are you for your kids or nieces and nephews? Can you show your family the excitement and benefit of healthy life by taking weekend walk with them or creating a routine to spend an active time at gym/park/swimming? Can you walk your kids to school instead of car drive? So many opportunities!!!!! Sky is the limit!






I wish you all the very best as you wrap up 2015 and welcome 2016. May be spend few hours planning for your health goals. If you want any additional advise, please contact me on 07859074237 or write


In fact in New Year Vitality Health Clinic is offering a retreat in conjunction with a fitness trainer and a boxer during Easter Holidays. Where there is an opportunity for you to retrieve back from the routine and get plenty of motivation to start a journey to a healthy life.


If you are interested to know more about it, please get in touch.


Until we meet.


Live well and Live with Vitality !

& remember


Prevention is better than cure!












2 Simple ways to shop for you and for Mother Earth.

blog image

  • Make a List and Stick to It!


This age old tip do work not only for your health but for your budget as well.

Plan a day in the week when you are going for shopping and just write down the items you need throughout the week rather than shopping every day.

A well stocked pantry usually have the alternative items which you can make use of very well.

Have you noticed, going to shop after food helps to reduce the temptation of buying your most craved food? May be crisp, ice-cream! If not try it




  • Plan the meals in advance:


Its more fun when you do weekly planning with family and everyone including your 2 year old son gets to choose his favorite dish. On weekend you have an opportunity to celebrate with little treats like your favorite pizza or a trip to your favorite restaurant. But weekly planning will help you to create a better shopping list for your families health and environment as there will be little wastage of food.

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Live well, Live with Vitality.



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Type 1 Diabetes; is it more dangerous than type 2?


In previous blogs we discussed all types of diabetes (click here : In my practice at Vitality Health Clinic, I have b often been asked this question: is type 1 Diabetes more dangerous than type 2?

So to answer this question I thought to discuss it further.

What is type 1 diabetes?

As discussed previously in type 1diabetes body produces little or no insulin, the hormone needed to move glucose from blood stream to the cell for energy. Therefore person suffering from this type have to take insulin daily for life.


Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition that accounts for five to 10 percent of all cases of diabetes. Person’s immune system perceives cells in their pancreas as harmful and attacks them producing no insulin.

Genetic: A close relative with type 1 diabetes, increase chances of developing condition 6% chance.


Both type 1 and type 2 produce similar symptoms with type 1 diabetes, however, symptoms may come on suddenly. They include:

  • Frequent urination
  • Excessive thirst
  • Extreme hunger
  • Unusual weight loss
  • Increased fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Blurry vision

Extreme complications:

In case if high blood sugar levels are not brought quickly under control via treatment, acute complications of type 1 diabetes

  • Severe dehydration and
  • Diabetic ketoacidosis: which means increase ketone bodies (byproducts of fatty acid breakdown) in the body creating excess acidic environment. If persist, can even lead to death.

Longer term complications of type 1 diabetes affect every part of persons body from head to toe stressing both quality and quantity of their life.

Therefore early detection and management of this disease is of paramount importance.


  • Medical: Insulin in various forms, long acting, short acting and rapid acting is prescribed according to individual lifestyle.
  • Lifestyle:

As compared to type 2 diabetes which appears later in the life Type 1 diabetes usually appears before the age of 40, particularly in childhood therefore ‘Lifestyle management’ becomes even more significant and must start sooner to avoid long term complications and improve quality of life.

So here simple ways you can start managing it from today.

7 basic lifestyle changes to control sugar level:

  1. Lose weight if you are overweight. Excess body fat causes cells to become resistant to insulin.
  2. Avoid eating heavy meals and fasting for long duration to maintain blood sugar level.
  3. Consume food with low glycemic index so instead of potatoes, rice, bread opt for sweet potatoes, beans, vegetable.
  4. Eliminate trans-fat in form of margarine, artificial food, fried foods especially found in take-aways cafes such as fish and chips.
  5. Fish: if you eat fish, have 1 oily and 1 white fish per week to maintain healthy Omega-3 fat in your body.
  6. Enjoy liberal amounts of greens such as green vegetables, cucumbers and other vegetables.
  7. Move : as much as possible daily along with doing aerobic exercises at lest 5 times a week for 30 min a day.

In future blogs we will discuss, holistic lifestyle for diabetes control for both type 1 and type 2.

To conclude and to answer the concern of my clients : is type 1 more harmful than type 2? I believe, if managed effectively, both of the conditions can be controlled well…giving sweet flavor to your life!

If you have any questions regarding this article, please feel free to contact me by commenting or email :

Until, we meet in person.

Live well, Live with Vitality.



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Prevention IS better than cure!

Detox, what is buzz about?


Isn’t it logical if you want to buy new clothes you would first give away your old clothes to make space in your wardrobe? So if you want more energy, vitality and healthy body do you think it is wise to consider what we can remove from our system which is not serving us rather than purely focusing on what kind of diet to consider next?

That is how I would like to define detox process as, that is, taking away inflammatory lifestyle in order to harmonies our body clock.

Scientific community for many years appears to have distaste for this word.; stating body has natural capacity to clear toxins. I think in previous generation this may be true, when man ate mainly organic food, worked his sweat on the soil and not lived in stressful work-life pressure of current era. However, if we stop putting environmental, diet and lifestyle related toxins in the body, our body has natural mechanisms to be able to clean from within. Along with being a science student and practitioner I have long back embraced Ayurvedic principles of mind-body practitioner such as well known MD, Dr. Deepak Chopra. This has not only helped and healed me from many illness but also has helped my clients from many chronic illnesses such as diabetes, overweight and high blood pressure.

And from that personal and professional experience I can say that Detox works! Simple!!!

5 basic steps to get you started on this journey:

  1. Hydration: Drink plenty of water and would with high water content such as soups, fruit and vegetable juice. Don’t be afraid to go to extra trips to bathroom, its natural ways for body to get rid of toxins.
  1. Elimination: Going regular for bowel movement by ensuring you eat plenty of salads, warm water with or without lemon and creating safe and effective morning routine.
  1. Breathing: Yogic breathing has been recommended since centuries to remove toxins out of the body. Breathing techniques such as breath of fire, deep inhalation and longer exhalation are of particular advantage when you want clear energetic mind and body.
  1. Exercises: daily physical activities and exercises will ensure you are mobilizing wastage from your body to be eliminated through various systems. Focus on 30 aerobic exercises daily and lead an active lifestyle.
  1. Sweating: exercise which cause sweating, using steams, sauna will help remove toxins through your sweats.

In addition you can take a guidance of a clinician to guide you through the process of detox in order to get to your desired goals-Health and Vitality! Now who does not want that?

If you have any question regarding the article or your health and wish to discuss, please feel free to comment or write to :

Until we meet in person, stay healthy, happy and joyous.

With Love


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Prevention is better than cure

Stress and Your Heart


Visualise a rubber band. Now try to pull it, what happens, it changes its shape, as you continue to pull it apart there will be a point when it will break unless you reduce the pressure or add few more rubber bands to the original.

Can you relate it to our life?

We encounter stress in everyday life situation like (perceived or real) annoying boss, spouse, a family situation, colleagues, traffic [science calls it as ‘chronic stress’] or

One may experience immensely challenging situation like sudden loss of a job or parents experiencing a loss of their child [Acute stress].

Both types of stress have significant physiological side effects. However, an acute stress is researched to create severe adverse reaction like may be even a heart attack! Such event, Dr. Deepak Bhatt, director of the Integrated Interventional Cardiovascular Program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, says are termed as “broken heart syndrome,” and it is much more common in women—even in those with no history of heart disease.

After stressful event body tries to cope for sometime until all its reserves are depleted (remember rubber band).

So what does stress do to your body?

  • Stress can interfere with sleep, appetite.
  • When you perceive a situation to be stressful your body releases hormone cortisol and epinephrine (adrenaline), which prepare your body for flight or fight response.
  • In turn, these hormones releases more sugar and fat.
  • Over period of time your immunity is affected.
  • Your body starts the inflammatory process.

Gradually with continuous stress your body shifts from ease to diseases of various kind, insomnia, depression, digestive problem, diabetes and of course heart diseases. In spite of you eating healthily and exercising regularly.

Therefore, I believe Stress identification and management must be an integral part of a good quality healthy heart and healthy lifestyle programme.

So do you want to turn your stress around and help your heart in the process?

Going back to our rubber band example, to stop it breaking we either reduced the pressure or added more bands; in real life we either reduce or go away from stressful situation (not always practical) or add more skills to be able to better adapt to the situations.

These are 5 skills you can add to create a change

  1. What if’ – STOP – Replace: Often stress occurs due to fear or anxiety of unknown. For example in a situation of getting late for work or interview, one may try to predict future, what if, I will loose my job or a client, Then how I will feed myself and family and so on. But the truth is only in rare cases this may happen.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles are useful in alleviating some of this fears/ anxiety which leads to stress.

Instead of predicting mentally force yourself to STOP that thinking and ‘Replace’ it with something less catastrophic like:

  • it is not a usual occurring,
  • what if I explain to my boss and he understands that I was late truly because of broken down car,
  • people are nice and understanding,
  • In extreme cases, what if I loose job; I still have my skills I can easily find another job or client.
  1. Set goals and priorities:

Create the actionable goals which aims to work on your weakness, the ones which leads you to stressful situation. For example, if not finding your keys or mobile phone in the morning causes you stress may be you can work on your organizational skills .

3.Develop Positive Outlook: Research shows that even after heart disease people with positive attitude are less likely to die than those who are more negative.

Replace self-critical statement like

I’m so disorganised” & “I can’t cope” to,

The two things I can get done today are……..” or

“Well done me – I made it happen.

4.Laugh more: Laughter therapy has been a famous trend which helps people with low mood and other ailment. Rightly so, because laughter reduces stress hormones and inflammatory process.

Watch comedy movies, spend time with kids or nature or that friend whose company always put smile on your face.

  1. Relaxation: Don’t try to be superhuman all the time, seriously! It is OK to ask for help from your friends and family! It is OK to unplug from the external responsibilities and practice some self-love which in turn will help you cope to life’s demand better. You can choose from various tools like:
  1. Taking a short break every 3 months or so.
  2. Walk in nature; country park, seashore, river, canal.
  3. Practice yogic breathing.
  4. By participating in exercises like walking, jogging, yoga, tai-chi, body releases mood-boosting chemicals called endorphins
  5. Pamper yourself with massage and spa treatment.
  6. Ask : Ask for help!
  7. And so on…please write your own ideas which helps you to unplug!

Stress Management is an important component of Vitality Healthy Lifestyle programme. If you are experiencing any stressful situation and want guidance please contact Vitality Health Clinic on 07859074237 or write to

Until we meet in person,

Live well, live with Vitality and remember ‘Prevention IS better than cure’.

Pranita Salunke

Vitality Health Clinic


  1. Beverley Bostocock-Cox, MSc RGN, Clinical lecture Imperial College London, 2012.
  2. Harvard Health Publication, 2015.

Make your environment work for you instead of against you!


Have you ever attended a seminar or an event when you were so excited about new knowledge and cant wait to implement it? But what happens, after 1 week you return to your old ways which is opposite of that new learning?

Why? you may reflect! Energy from your physical – house and social –friends and family environment influences your determination to succeed –positively or negatively.

As a clinical Occupational Therapist I was always involved in home assessment in order to plan clients hospital discharges. Hence it became only natural to use that tool when I started my private practice at Vitality Health Clinic.

From my 14 years of clinical experience I offer you 3 simple strategies that you can implement right now to take your health to next level.

  1. Set yourself for success:

Why would you want to test your will when it is easy to remove unhealthy choices from your home? Cookies, cake, chocolates in pantry, Ice cream in freezer when your bigger goal is to adopt a healthy lifestyle? Now a days it is easier to replace those options with healthier such as yogurt with honey, oat biscuits, nuts.

If you are leaving with family who is still not on the same journey as you (remember you are being modelled by younger generation all the time!) you can always have a separate cupboard away from main kitchen area for those unhealthy options for them. You can be respectful of others and working on your own goal at the same time with skilful conversation.

  1. Economy: Yes, we all know unhealthy food is cheap. Burger and chips from MacDonalds or chicken from KFC may cost way cheaper than local café.                                                                                                           However, in long run when you suffer from illness or major disease from overweight from that unhealthy fat , diabetes from that sugary food or high blood pressure from high salt or worst sudden death from heart attack, would you still compare the prices ?

Look at multimillion pounds these companies are pouring on their brands. The question is are you willing to be fooled by them?

A liitle bit of planning will help you when you are really starving, may be it’s a long journey or traffic or delayed meeting. Always have snacks (apple, nuts) to keep your blood sugar level so that your will choose consciously rather than out of extreme hunger.

Also next time, when you are choosing local home cooked café instead of big fat Mac remember you are not only helping your body but also contributing to local economy….Win-Win!!!

  1. Get army around you:

Occasionally we may feel that everything is against us, but believe me many people are really nice at their heart, especially our friends and family.

My clients always tells me, my friends may laugh at me in get-togethers if I say:

  1. I don’t want to eat that dessert or
  2. I no longer want to smoke or
  3. I have restricted my drink to 1 glass until I reach my goals

I ask them in return if that is the case ; is that kind of people you really want to hang around with ? Our friends, family, loved ones are supposed to be our support , someone whom we can rely on; ask your self this question before you fear to ask for support in your next get-together. May be they will not only offer support but be inspired by you to lead a healthy life themselves. Then you can be proud of changing someone’s life, wont you?

Vitality Health Clinic offers environmental assessment as part of its Vitality Healthy lifestyle programme. If you have any question on how you can create your environment more conductive to your health, please call on 07859074237 or write at

Until we meet in person,

Live well, live with Vitality and remember ‘Prevention IS better than cure’.

Pranita Salunke

Vitality Health Clinic