12 factors affecting your and your family’s heart. ACT so that you can help it beating for longer!


Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the major cause of death across Europe leading to more than 1.9 millions death per year. In the UK, more than quarter men and women die from CVD diseases.

Its not only UK, Word Health Organisation predicts world-wide increase in the CVD related death.

So isn’t it a right time to think about what can we all do NOW to know Why we has a global society experiencing this increase in the CVD?

Extensive global clinical studies have identified several factors that increase the risk of Heart diseases and stroke.

I have 2 news for you one good and other not so good. First let me start with not-so good one then I can finish with positive hope with the good one!

Non-modifiable RF’s:

Unfortunately there are a few factors which we can’t change which are termed as non-modifiable RF’s.

  1. Advanced age– being over 65 increases your risk of heart disease and risk of death from it.
  2. Gender-Being male increases your risk when compared to women.
  3. Genetics: They say you can select your friends but not your family. So true it has its advantages and disadvantages. If your close relatives, that is, either your parents or siblings have heart disease below the age of 55 then you are are more likely to develop it .

Some population have higher tendency to have increase in single risk factor which in-turns increases their overall CVD risk. For example people from African origin have more severe high blood pressure than Caucasians and hence higher risk of heart diseases. South Asians have high heart disease risk due to their higher rates of obesity and diabetes.

We can’t control these factors.

So what can we do?

Good news is, studies have also identified factors which you can modify, control or treat with medication or lifestyle changes to reduce your overall risk.

Don’t you think we all can focus much more on what we can do rather than what we can’t?

Modifiable risk factors

  1. Smoking:

We all know smoking increases your CVD risk. In fact smokers are up-to 2-4 times greater risk than non-smokers!!!

Smoking is also a powerful independent risk factor for sudden cardiac death in patients with coronary heart disease.Cigarette smoking also acts with other risk factors (such as blood pressure) to greatly increase the risk for coronary heart disease.Smoking increase your risk of suffering from Peripheral Artery disease [more about this in future blogs].

I understand it’s not easy to give up the habit. But willingness to ask for help is the first step towards success. Won’t you agree?

5.High blood cholesterol

As blood cholesterol rises, so does risk of coronary heart disease. When other risk factors (such as high blood pressure and tobacco smoke) are present, this risk increases even more.

A person’s cholesterol level is also affected by age, sex, heredity and diet.

Joint British society recommends following guideline targets for cholesterol:

Key Lipid Target for High Risk people  
Total Cholesterol <4mmol/ L or <155mg/dL
LDL (bad) <2mmol/L or < 80 mg/dL

Reference: Joint British Society-2

This risk factor is modifiable with medication or Lifestyle changes depending on its severity.

6.High blood pressure (BP)


 If you have High BP and you smoke or have high cholesterol or are diabetes then your risk of risk of heart attack or stroke increases several times.

Physical inactivity

Simply put, leading an inactive lifestyle increases your a risk of coronary heart disease.

So why not enjoy regular, moderate-to-vigorous physical activity or exercise to keep your heart and blood vessel to be in top form?

8.Obesity and overweight

This is really no brainer. People who carry extra insulation (read: fat) around their body especially around belly are more likely to develop heart disease and stroke even if they have no other risk factors.

Overweight increases load on your heart, affects your BP and other health factors which we discussed above.

But wait a minute! Good news is even loosing 10% of your current weight, you can lower your heart disease risk.

  1. Diabetes mellitus:  Diabetes have adverse effect on your risk of developing CVD. The risk increases even more when your blood sugar is not controlled.

If you have been diagnosed as pre-diabetes or are from South-Asian origin (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh) take steps to prevent developing diabetes in the first place to avoid future complications.

Other factors that contribute to heart disease risk



12.Poor Diet

In future blogs I will explore all these 12 risk factors and ways to control, reverse and prevent them in much more detail.

Also, I am developing a simple and fun tool that will help you and your family to easily identify and take control of these risk factors instantly. So watch the space!

In mean time, please share your comments, feedback and connect with me on social media.

I will be delighted to hear from you and your topic request.

Best wishes,

Vitality Health Clinic



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Case Study: From Pre-diabetes to normal….From Worry to Joy!

Mr. A came to Vitality Health Clinic in late 2014 with aim for weight loss only. He is 61 years old highly successful entrepreneur, which means he is extremely busy at his work. Along with that he has beautiful family with wife, children and grandchildren. This meant his priorities were focused on improving business and giving quality and quantity of time for his family. Along with that he suffered from shoulder joint arthritis and other medical issues. This resulted in gradual increase in his weight, abdominal obesity and high blood pressure. Challenges: he suffered from shoulder joint arthritis and other medical issues. This resulted in gradual increase in his weight, abdominal obesity and high blood pressure. During first consultation although weight loss was Mr. A’s focus my intention was to identify what his current lifestyle causing to his numbers and therefore I requested series of blood tests in November 2014. The surprising result of which was that he was nearly at the border of being Pre-diabetes. Mr. A was obviously concerned , as he knew the affected QOL of people with diabetes and he surely didn’t wanted his life to be affected in that way. Hurry, it gave him a bigger motivation to start his Vitality journey! We also calculated other baseline numbers, most importantly his heart age. Result: Mr A came to each session with hope and motivation and work we did together which combined Why and How of Lifestyle changes produced a huge result in matter of just 3 months. Andrew Blog He was no longer at the border of pre-diabetes, his heart age improved by 14 years! along with improving other health numbers ( example: Blood Pressure). Andrew blog 2 Most importantly, his energy rocketed to sky and he felt that he has necessary tools to take control of his health. In-fact he was so overjoyed that he even recorded his feelings in this video.


Please let me know what you think of Mr. A’s result? Did you know anyone who is experiencing similar struggles? If yes, my sincere wishes that they receive this message: “It is possible to achieve your health goals and enjoy superb quality of life, you just need right tool!” If you have any questions, comments or comments please Call us/ Email and Visit website www.vitalityhealthclinic.co.uk Till we meet in person, Enjoy Healthy Life and Remember, Prevention is Better than cure!

Seek and You Shall Receive: 1st step in diabetes self management.

In Vitality’s last post we discussed some of the causes of diabetes. Exploring further, the combination of all the risk factors (physical inactivity, obesity and insulin resistance) not only reduces the insulin but also reduces the energy to beta cells in pancreas causing CELLs to DIE (Butler et al, 2003), leaving less and less beta cells to release insulin.


So, unless massive steps are taken to reverse all the risk factors our body keep on loosing its precious beta cells from pancreas which leads to the development of diabetes and more dependance on the medicines and eventually on insulin.

But just think about it for a moment,

‘What if we take charge of our own body and took some simple steps to reverse the damage rather than relying on chemicals, i.e; medicines?’

No doubt, medicine has its important role to play but far more important role is played by us, humans, won’t you agree? 

‘What if your doctor gives you a prescription of lifestyle changes rather than drugs?’

More than likely you will make every efforts to stick to it just like people try to follow the strict medicine regime.

‘Knowledge is Power’

So this is how we can start today!

First step in creating any changes to ‘Lifestyle’ is to increase awareness and gain more knowledge about what is that you want to change. The simple way to do that is to seek knowledge from a trusted source by way of attending a structured education sessions.

Studies conducted in people with type 1 diabetes have shown that structured education based on principles of client empowerment and experiential learning was associated with improved psychological well-being, reduced anxiety and overall improvement in quality of life (QOL) [Amiel and colleagues 2002, Ellis and colleagues 2002].

Another randomised controlled trial informs us that when researchers compared a special programme called ‘X-PERT’ which was aimed at clients with type 2 diabetes with ‘usual’ care; they noted following improvements:

  • Patients who took part in this programme showed a reduction in *HbA1c of 0.6% (blood glucose:7 mmol/mol) up to 14 months follow up.
  • They became 0.35 kg lighter and reduced their waist circumference (4 cm in women; 2 cm in men).
  • All of this result were statistically significant.
  • Sixteen per cent of patients who took part in the X-PERT programme were able to reduce their diabetes medication (Deakin and colleague 2006).

So, you see overall benefit of the structured education was not only to reduce your blood glucose but it also help you to improve your QOL.

Increasing QOL, enjoying life to its fullest extent, isn’t that all we want?

So if you are reading this and if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes or if your close relatives are suffering from it; STOP for a minute! Think about exploring different ways to educate and empower yourself with valid and trusted education related to diabetes. 

In consecutive posts from Vitality Health Clinic we will explore each aspect of ‘Lifestyle Intervention’ which leads to diabetes management, namely:

  • Physical Activity;
  • Using food as a medicine;
  • Role of Sleep in the glucose control;
  • Stress management and role of mindfulness;
  • and Smoking Cessation and its relation to diabetes management.

Look forward to connecting with you with Vitality’s future posts.

Until then, enjoy this new awareness.

Live Well, Live with Vitality!

Pranita Salunke

Occupational Therapist specialised in Preventive Cardiology.

“If you are searching for specific educational programme, Vitality Health Clinic provides a 6-weeks programme based on adult learning theories and evidence-based practices.


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*HbA1c : Glycated haemoglobin. It develops when haemoglobin, a protein within red blood cells that carries oxygen throughout your body, joins with glucose in the blood, becoming ‘glycated’. By measuring glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c), clinicians are able to get an overall picture of what our average blood sugar levels have been over a period of weeks/months (Source : diabetes UK)

Sugar disease….Whats so bitter about it?

blog diabete

Diabetes Organisation in the UK estimates that there will be  5 million people with diabetes in next 10 years, is that a surprise?  Most of this cases, the organisation informs would be Type 2 diabetes.

An uncontrolled diabetes is a major threat to health as it could lead to heart disease, stroke, blindness, and kidney failure.

Many of you must be wondering whats the mystery behind this type 1 and type 2?

Well with todays blog, my intention is to explain it in very simple, every day language.

Glucose…sugar in the body is useful when it can be used by its various organs. A hormone called Insulin helps glucose to enter in the cell so that organs can use it as a fuel.

But if insulin can’t do its function effectively, too much of sugar is left out side of the cell in the bloodstream. In addition, there is new flow of  sugar which is coming into the blood stream with each meal you consume.

Imagine it as a water in water pipe in your house. If water in the pipe is distributed to the various rooms of the house; kitchen, bathroom, toilets,etc. that water would be useful. However, if you don’t have a tap in any room and no other way for water to be consumed and at the same time you are getting new supply of the water via your water company ….any guess what will happen? yes, burst pipe…too much water….flooding!

Imagine, what would be happening inside our body…like too much water there will be too much sugar in the blood environment and  body cant cope it for long resulting in diabetes.

In Type 1 diabetes ( less common than type 2 diabetes 5-10%), body cannot produce its own insulin and more than often it appears before age of 40.

There are various theories and debate for the development of Type 2 diabetes (90%) within the scientific community .

Without going into its too much details, following interlinked  factors are to be blamed for in its development:

  • Insulin resistance:  body is still producing insulin but it is not enough or not very effective.
  • Overweight and obesity: both of them lead to Insulin resistance.
  • Abdominal obesity (American Diabetes Association, 2012).
  • The risk of developing this form of diabetes increases with age and lack of physical activity (American Diabetes Association, 2012)..

There are few other types of diabetes, Gestational (during pregnancy) diabetes mellitus, drug or chemical induce diabetes mellitus which we will explore at a later stage.

Worldwide diabetes rate is increasing at a very fast pace.  In  2011, it was estimated to be 366 million and it is expected to affect 552 million people by 2030 (Diabetes UK,2012).

Whats more alarming is that, many people are undiagnosed, it is estimated that there are around 850,000 people in the UK who have diabetes but have not been diagnosed. If we don’t know the problem exists we cant do anything about it until its TOO LATE.

Diabetes doesn’t discriminate with gender and can affect both men and women.

However,  Type 2 diabetes is up to six times more common in people of South Asian descent and up to three times more common among people of African and African-Caribbean origin (Department of Health, 2001).

Importantly, this figures are not given here to threaten you but in fact to empower you,as most of this figures are related to Type 2 diabetes which is strongly associated with lifestyle .

Vitality Health Clinic’s bigger purpose is to root out this threat of type 2 diabetes, through Lifestyle transformation. With that purpose and commitment, I sincerely feel, you have found some hope and education through this blog. Please feel free to comment or get in touch at info@vitalityhealthclinic.co.uk.

Best wishes

Live Well, Live with Vitality!



Department of Health (2001). National service framework for diabetes http://bit.ly/nsfdiab

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‘Diabetes’- Being Comfortable isn’t always Pleasurable!

Blog Jan 1

Have you ever received a constant nagging from your parents or partner may be regarding your habit of not putting clothes away or making a mess in living room? We try to correct it until mom or dad or our spouse is around and as soon as they are away we start looking at T.V or play on I-pad or mobile. The LONG TERM pain of putting things away for clutter free house is too much when compared to SHORT-TERM pleasure of comfort and entertainment.

Do you perhaps relate to this scenario? Eventually what happens we start to IGNORE that constant nagging if our habits remains the same and eventually ARGUMENTs or fights start to happen..causing distress and pain in the environment…..Hmm, we then wonder if embracing change was the answer to live in HARMONY?

On similar note, do you think the song sung  (nagging) by various organisations and health experts that “ Diabetes is a silent killer …….Mother of all diseases” gets ignored? For few days we make better choices, toughen up our New Year Resolutions, make plans to give up bread, sugar, biscuits…and in few weeks we see ourself reaching for the very best last chocolate cookie on the shelf….and slowly we break our pattern.

This happens because we think, long term PLEASURE of living without diabetes is far away than immediate pleasure of eating our favourite food, I get it , it’s hard.

It’s hard…but let me tell you one thing, listen very carefully, IT IS POSSIBLE….it is possible to embrace the healthy life in order to create HARMONIOUS health.

Let me ask those of you who have diabetes for long time. How do you feel about the pain of managing your insulin injections or an array of medicines while doing your work or looking after your kids or managing your own business?  Be open and honest….isn’t it FREAKING PAINFUL….much much more  painful than saying no THANK YOU for that ice-cream dessert or that chocolate cookie.

But alas people with diabetes or pre-diabetes or those who lead unhealthy lifestyle are bombarded by the media and  health professionals about its side-effects from getting heart attack, stroke , kindness disease, amputation and many  more. Then what happens….we slowly tend to developed ‘desensitised ear syndrome’ exactly like ignoring to put the clutter away, we start to ignore that health  advise and happily live in our comfortable way.

What if, in this very fresh New Year I told you that it is possible to change this patten in 2015 and that the positive shift is necessary and  possible.

I am truly passionate to help people take care of this epidemic of diabetes which is slowly poisoning our society…when its venom can be pulled away easily.

Together, we can achieve it. In the consecutive blogs I will guide you with simples you can take to make that positive shift a reality, so keep reading.

Take a little challenge! Write down 3 habits which you know you can change to prevent the risk of diabetes …’Awareness is Key’ , if you know it , you can do something about it.

In mean time, feel free to connect to Vitality Health Clinic , if you need more advise on Diabetes Management.

Till then, remember, Being Comfortable isn’t always Pleasurable!!!

Happy New Year.

Live Well, Live with Vitality!

Pranita Salunke

Get ready to transform: Take Action!

Up to now we have looked at the benefits of being at an ideal weight. We have tapped into the power of awareness and we have also created a strong intention. Naturally, you may wonder WHAT’S NEXT? How can we leverage the massive mind work that we have already done?

So here is the next important step – without completion of which your hard work will have been be futile. It’s very simple, basic and literally common sense (we all know common sense is not always common practice).

Its called Taking Actions!

If you were successful in consciously creating awareness and intentions and then completed the techniques stated in my previous articles, you may have already noticed some shifts around you. Opportunities may have appeared in various forms. Maybe you met a new person who successfully shed his or her excess weight and now is truly happy to share their wisdom with you. Or you may have found a fabulous health programme resonating with your needs, or maybe a new gym opened in your neighborhood that you would like to try. It is true, opportunities in various forms show up when your intentions and desires are in alignment with your true self.

So then what should you be doing when the opportunity knocks on your door? Answer: You Open The Door!

Simply grab the opportunity ….embrace the change! Even if it means taking small squirrel steps or really breaking through and taking MASSIVE ACTIONS.

I am giving you very easy 3 steps to help your journey towards taking fruitful actions to reach your goal of an ideal body.

  1. Decide to take an action: This step is very powerful! The word ‘decide’ comes from a Latin word meaning to ‘cut off from’ meaning you are ‘cutting off’ from all possibilities, except for the one you wanted’ in other words if you are decisive about an action you have ‘killed’ all the other options.

For example, you have decided that to improve your aerobic capacity and burn calories you will take up running/ walking/ jogging 5 days a week, between 6.30 am-7.15 am. When you decide to run, you have your running tracksuit ready, shoes by the door, alarm set, all the gears are in place the night before so that first thing you do after getting up is to hit the door (well, not literally) and not push the snooze button on your alarm clock. Remember, you are killing all other options except the one you desire.

  1. Create a new routine and do it consistently for the next 66 days:

So when you have decided to create a positive shift in an area of your health, the next step is to work on creating a new routine. We all know men and women are prey to habits and routine. You may have awesome routine in areas of life in which you are successful at and not so ideal in other areas. But it is possible to reverse that trend, simply plan your new routine and place the it in the visible area of your bedroom or kitchen.

For example, you have decided to cook a healthy meal at home over the weekend and freeze it for the week ahead so that you can eat home -cooked food the whole week rather than resort to ordering take-aways on the night you come late from the work. Here’s an idea for a new routine you can create! Gather all your family together on Saturday afternoon and ask for their ideas for next week’s menu and you can all help each other to prepare it. What a great way to have a family time on Saturday afternoon (besides your kids will be learning great health lessons from you).

However, the key to the success of this new routine is to do it consistently until the habit is formed. Psychologists from University College London have found that it can take up-to 66 days to form a new habit. Although it may differ from person-to-person and what new behaviour they are aiming to achieve (Phillipa and colleague 2009).


  1. Create a positive experience around new behavior:

Research in neuroscience suggests that strong neuro-associations (wiring in your brain) are formed when you associate new behaviour with something pleasurable. This will increase the likelihood of that behaviour repeating easily and effortlessly.

So think about some positive rewards you can give yourself every week upon completion of your new behaviour.

An example may be going for a spa day with your partner or having a massage, or enjoying a golf day, or even going to a football match with the lads! Ideas are limitless, only you know what ticks your box!

By following these 3 steps you will soon be on a new road to a transformed lifestyle and healthy weight and I will be there to congratulate you from my heart!

So until we meet in person, Stay Strong and Stay blessed!

Live with Passion, Live with Vitality

Pranita Salunke


How are habits formed: Modelling habit formation in the real world

Phillippa Lally*, Cornelia H. M. van Jaarsveld, Henry W. W. Potts and Jane Wardle article first published online: 16 JUL 2009

(This is the 4th and last post in the series of 4 articles to keep you motivated to take ACTIONS towards your healthy weight!)fit-athlete

Sankalp: New Year, New You with Powerful Intention


Today is an auspicious day in Hindu calendar as it welcomes the New Year! So my readers who are celebrating the festival, please accept my deepest wishes for welcoming an abundant joy and bountiful health in this new year.

Many religions celebrates their new year at different point in time. For example my Jewish friends celebrated their Rosh Hashanah on the eve of 24th September and my Christen friends will celebrate new year on 1st January.

Despite being on  the different days one thing is very unique about the New Year is that it marks a new beginning. It gives an opportunity to the people to reflect on previous year, learn from the experience and inject  an enthusiasm to create a fresh start!

Thats when setting a SANKALP, a resolved strong intention, could create a magic in one’s life.

If you are working on few ideas which I shared in my previous blog, you may have already be aware of your health dreams and goals. So be prepared to bring that into reality with the power of Resolved Intention- Sankalp.

We all dream, hope and set the goals  during new year but only handful of us see their dreams being fulfilled. So what is the difference between those who are successful and those who forget their goals after only a few months if not weeks?

I think, it is not lack of resources in terms of money, time or knowledge. If that was the case then wealthy and some of the intellectual people would never be overweight or suffered from illnesses such as diabetes. What separate them from those who are healthy  in spite of being busy and of average  knowledge is that unlike the ‘successful’ they have never put the ENERGY in resolving their intention to succeed.

Unless the ‘intention to gain healthy weight’ is resolved completely and energetically success will play hide and seek with you. You may  loose weight but gain back after some time and then loose motivation to work on your dream.

Stop, being in that rut NOW! especially when it is EASY to get out!!!

So how to tap into the power of Sankalp- Resolved intention?

Creating self-awareness is the first step in setting up a strong intention. So if you have not read my previous blog, I encourage you to read it.

Once you know that being at healthy weight is that what you truly desire and you have not just fallen a pray of expectations of  society or media of being at size 0/4/8/10 (depending on your location) then you are READY for the success.

Yes setting a Sankalp is that simple! Being aware of your true desire and giving your undivided attention towards its fulfilment.

A great spiritual thought leader, Deepak Chopra often refers to the knowledge  from the classic Vedic text known as the Upanishads when explaining power of intention, “You are what your deepest desire is. As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.”

So the real questions are,

  • If being disease free and enjoying healthy weight is what you truly desire?   If the answer is yes then,
  • Are You Ready For The Shift?    If the answer is yes then,

Awesome! Make that resolution, set  the  intention that- no matter what, I will achieve the success. Now see the MAGIC appearing in your life to help you take actions towards fulfilment of your dreams.

Happy New Year and have fun in resolving the intention and setting the Sankalp!


At Vitality Health Clinic, a  healthy heart specialist who is  registered Occupational Therapist will help you successfully reach your ideal weight goal.

Awareness is Power! 3 simple ways to access that POWER!

I hope you have  enjoyed my previous blog about the key benefits of gaining the ideal body weight. In this article, we will explore one powerful  technique to help you in the journey towards the dream body.

Illusion creates false beliefs while ‘Awareness’ motivates your true beliefs and  allow you to take powerful actions”  Pranita Salunke, Vitality Health Clinic.

What you don’t know puts you into a space of total ignorance and handicaps you to ACT or even think to ACT. What I mean simply is, creating more awareness into the goal we want to achieve  empowers you to visualise your success.

For example, if my goal is to be at my ideal weight of 50 kg and if I am currently say, 56 kg. Being aware of my current weight and more importantly  becoming aware of the  feelings which are created by being in that weight  is  the most  important part in setting the  right goal and cleat intention. Following  are the 3 most simple way  I can share with you to increase your awareness around any health goal which you would like to achieve.

  1. Journaling/ Writing: 

Set at least 20 min in your diary today as a gift to your self and go way from your chores during that time. Preferably sit near the nature. Now..for the next 2 minutes just be aware of your surroundings, as much as possible.  Get all the positive vibes from the nature. Now, from the space of being positive and being possible write down: WHY you don’t like to be at ‘X’ kg. of weight and what influences it has on your confidence, body image, self-esteem, relation ship with your loved ones, your work and productivity. Allow as much as time the process would need. Once done, take a break! Shift your gaze back on  beautiful nature and embrace the positive vibes once more. And now this time, refocus on writing  down your ideal weight and all the feelings and rewards  you would gain  once you achieved your dream weight. May be feeling of success, being in control, looking more attractive, fitting in your favourite clothes,being with your ideal man/ women , having more energy to play with your kids, having the confidence to ask for that raise in salary you know you deserve…great body- image, increase confidence and much much more!!!! After writing the second part read it  at least 3 times, completely OWN the feeling …….feel good about it. congratulations, you are already into path of success.

2. Visualisation:  Visualisation is another  beautiful way to create relaxation and awareness.   From that sense of deep relaxation, it is easier to become more aware and dream  your perfect health. The key here  is to visualise from the state of possibilities. So before you drift of to a beautiful dream world, I would encourage you to focus on your current success of life, may be it is that you are a great mom who is skilled in teaching best values to her children or a great entrepreneur who has successfully created services and generated income. Whatever is your proud work, just focus on it. The momentum created during this process will easily help you in creating the feeling of success during your visualisation of your   dream  body weight.

3.Meditation: Another wonderful process to create more awareness is simply going still. Meditation has been used in many eastern ancient cultures  and science has now proven its many benefits. However, for the intention of todays blog, let’s concentrate on it’s value in helping us create more awareness for achieving ideal body weight. Meditation helps calm chatters of mind. Even though we are not speaking , we are constantly thinking and talking to ourself. Your mind needs space to breath  which will help to create more awareness….You deserve this gift for yourself! Find the perfect corner in your house, where you feel the energy is very high. You will know when you feel just right or get the sense of peace on that spot…simply sit there become aware of your breathing….let your thoughts settle. Now ask the universe or  whoever you spiritually believe in to show you the part towards increasing your awareness in pursuits of your ideal weight. Spend at-least 10 min or more. Note down any insights, feelings and ideas you may have received . You may be surprised with your result at the end of that blissful period.

Stay Blessed!

In the future blogs, I will share  more powerful insights on how you can take control of your mind in order to achieve the ideal body weight, so keep reading!!!

Until then, keep having  fun doing this practices and comment below to let me know which one works best for you. If you have any more questions, please contact, info@vitalityhealthclinic.co.uk.

At Vitality Health Clinic, a  healthy heart specialist who is  registered Occupational Therapist will help you successfully reach your ideal weight goal.

Releasing those Pounds: Why bother 6 rewards to motivate you to BOTHER!!

Well, I get it! Life-long habits of food, sleep and exercise are difficult to change. Also, the hectic lifestyle around your work and  family makes you wonder how I am going to give myself the gift of being in good shape when my there are 20 work deadlines coming next week and taking care of all my family (read: husband, wife , children, grandchildren, mom,dad, Uncle and Aunty). Won’t that makes you look a a bit self-fish???

Just take this moment to think carefully, what if , if you spend just 1 hr to look after you, will not that help you serve others better? Keeping your self physically and emotionally charged, how do you think will benefit your relationship with family and productivity at work? Think about it, may be write your answers in your journal.

Science of behaviour change, informs us that people makes changes in their habit either because they FEAR the consequences of not changing or they get EXCITED about getting all the rewards for making the positive change. I feel, the embracing the second option would ensure the longer lasting change. However, some people purely operate on the FEAR drive….every individual varies. For today we will explore 6 rewards you receive when you reach your ideal weight.

Rewards :

  1. Improves Heart Health: Donating some of the body weight generate a lot more benefits than feeling better in your swimsuit or in your favourite suit . Dropping even 5-10% of your excess weight  can greatly improve your vascular health by reducing blood pressure, blood cholesterol and improving blood sugar. No surprise it helps to improve your hear function (Blackburn 1995).

2.Keep Chronic Disease at bay:  Being lighter also positively influences the conditions such as  high blood pressure and diabetes. These conditions which are famously linked with heart diseases.  Even the reversal of these condition is a possibility if you are following healthy eating and  physical activity for a long term. For this reason, weight management is always an essential part of primary heart disease  prevention programme which is aimed at prevention heart diseases and stroke. In other words, the effort you’re making toward achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight can not only prevent, but also reverse specific health concerns.

3. Lipids:  Weight loss has also positive influence on cholesterol and triglyceride levels.  The New England Journal of Medicine published  a study (Wood and colleagues, 1988)(randomised control trial) where  the researchers followed 2 weight loss groups  (diet group and exercise group) for one year and compared them to a control group. The study found that both weight loss groups in comparison to control group had increase in ‘good’ cholesterol (High Density Lipoprotein) and significant reduction in ‘bad’ cholesterol (triglycerides). Improving your lipid profile reduces your risk of heart diseases.

4. Enhanced Confidence, Improved Body Image,Better Self Esteem and Renewed Positive Outlook: Just imagine, what shift it will make to your confidence, when you don’t have to think with effort to buy specific clothes to hide those unwanted tires.Think of joy on your face when you dress in front of mirror ! You no longer have to be self conscious when interacting in a social or a work group.  All these reasons will  boosts your positive outlook  even when in tough circumstances.

5. Enhanced Energy and Vitality: Nutritious food and enhanced physical activity during the journey towards healthy weight means you are injecting a great energy  and vitality in your body (literally)!

6.Its Fun!: Imagine you have to move your heavy body while playing your favourite sports, say football. Now visualise  2 size lighter version of your self in your favourite football gear, Who is looking much more attractive and who is having much more fun? Well, you get the answer……having a healthy weight is not about strict diet or stringent exercise routine……It’s all about having FUN!!!!

So have some!!

In the next blog, I will share few tips on how you can take control of your mind in order to achieve the ideal body weight, so keep reading!!!

Until then, keep this reasons in front of you and see which one resonate most with you. If you have any more questions, please contact, info@vitalityhealthclinic.co.uk.

At Vitality Health Clinic, a  healthy heart specialist who is  registered Occupational Therapist will help you successfully reach your ideal weight goal.

(This is the 1st article in the series of 4 article to keep you motivated to take ACTIONS towards healthy weight!)


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