Cancer Prevention: Bird-eye or symptom control approach; which is the best?



Overweight, obesity, tobacco, poor diet quality, physical inactivity and excessive alcohol use are shared risk factors which lead to diabetes, heart disease or cancer.

Obesity is a major cancer risk factor, likely to cause about 20 percent of cancers in the united kingdom, according to the Cancer Research UK. Likewise, overweight and obesity contribute to diabetes and cardiovascular disease, causing 58 percent of type 2 diabetes and 21 percent of ischemic heart disease (according to the World Heart Federation).

So when it comes to prevention and or control of any of these chronic conditions; isn’t it wise to aim to treat that individual as a whole rather than categorising the condition? A

Researchers are now aiming to create an awareness to do exactly the same (Byers 2015) which is positive change!

So if you want to lead a healthy life and prevent life threatening conditions like cancer, answer is simple!

Enjoy nutritious meal, engage in physical activities, practice mindfulness and live a meaningful life with your friends and family. This will ensure that you will be at your ideal weight away from diabetes, away from addictions like alcohol or tobacco, and will be vibrating with high energy!


Best wishes,

Pranita Salunke

Health Promotional Occupational Therapist, MSc Preventive Cardiology.

Vitality Health Clinic



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