You are creator of your health.

Self-Empowerment-1Each one of us has the ability to heal ourself from any chronic conditions. This is absolutely possible when we align our motivation and stronger mindset with right structure and strategy.

Visualise a person receiving a diagnosis of chronic condition be it diabetes which causes disruption to their quality of life  or more life-threatening conditions such as cancer, where the fear death hangs on your head every day. The first thing that happens is the person ‘loses his self-power’ and relies on external measures/plan created by his doctor,dietician, and surgeon.

But now having experience of successfully guiding (note: not treating) my  clients away from those fears, I can confidently say that when you regain that self-power by working on developing the stronger mindset to create your own ultimate health, that’s when true healing starts to happen; INSIDE OUT.

So, I welcome you to take this challenge of choosing not to give your power away and recover from overweight, diabetes, by empowering yourself!

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Live well, Live with Vitality.


Multitasking: Healthy/ Unhealthy?

multitaskingMultitasking was rated as one of the great skills by many of the employers. Not anymore! Leaders in business growth are proving that it creates poor quality work.

I hear the stories and complaints from my clients that because of multitasking they lack clarity and focus and, therefore, resorts to poor habits detrimental to their health, work and relationships.

Personally, when I transited my thinking from being distracted with many tasks in my hand to devoting my full attention to one task or a person in front of me, I have started getting results in the form of rewarding work and most meaningful and satisfactory relationship.

Although life and work often demand us to multitask, we just have to be mindful of its close relation with stress and another health impact.

So, I invite you to challenge yourself to take 5 minutes every few hours and ask yourself, what is the impact I want to have by doing so many things or conversation at the same time?

Instead evaluate your priorities and give your undivided attention to a task which is going to produce epic work and meaningful work and life conversations.