Environment and We 5 ways to make it for you!



This is my second blog on the relation between environment and healthy and life! Too much focus is given in the media and medical community but I believe the RIGHT environment is THE key to achieve this goal.


Today, I will share 5 slightly different perspective on this very key factor towards energetic body and mind.


  • Visualization: As a school kids we learnt through various senses and touch, images and audio were very much part of it. As we grew we tend to forget this key aspect! So why not embrace this proven technique once again. If wearing that specific suit or a fabulous dress is your goal, place its images in front of you all the time in your bedroom, kitchen, your car, office table and feel the joy as you visualize it wearing it.


And same way for your other health goals!



Believe me it will give a creative juice to your attempts to create your ideal body and mind!



  • Physical environment: Feng shui and Indian Vastu shrastra (science of environment), have long put emphasize on the connection between physical environment and health.


Just look around and remove the visible items which are not consistent with your current goals. If improving your core strength and posture is your goal, how much time you spent on sofa, slouching rather than sitting upright or doing core strengthening workout? Do you need so many relaxing chairs in living room?

  • Transfer of Happiness: Often it has been said the happiness in one area is usually transferred to other areas. It is so true. Ask your self, what is other ‘tricky’ area my life, am I happy with my current work? How are my relations with my family or my partner?

And then simply take steps to achieve that goals.

Love and fulfillment will make you happy and give the necessary motivation to fulfill your health goals as well.


  • Sensuous experience: Hit all of your senses even your nose. Use potpourri, incense or any other scents to bring a new smell to your home, workplace. It will create a tranquil feeling which will give you more mental energy that will stop you to crave to seek energy from unhealthy food. Believe me as I have learned this from a personal experience.


  • Make it a family business: What kind of role model are you for your kids or nieces and nephews? Can you show your family the excitement and benefit of healthy life by taking weekend walk with them or creating a routine to spend an active time at gym/park/swimming? Can you walk your kids to school instead of car drive? So many opportunities!!!!! Sky is the limit!






I wish you all the very best as you wrap up 2015 and welcome 2016. May be spend few hours planning for your health goals. If you want any additional advise, please contact me on 07859074237 or write info@vitalityhealthclinic.co.uk


In fact in New Year Vitality Health Clinic is offering a retreat in conjunction with a fitness trainer and a boxer during Easter Holidays. Where there is an opportunity for you to retrieve back from the routine and get plenty of motivation to start a journey to a healthy life.


If you are interested to know more about it, please get in touch.


Until we meet.


Live well and Live with Vitality !

& remember


Prevention is better than cure!












2 Simple ways to shop for you and for Mother Earth.

blog image

  • Make a List and Stick to It!


This age old tip do work not only for your health but for your budget as well.

Plan a day in the week when you are going for shopping and just write down the items you need throughout the week rather than shopping every day.

A well stocked pantry usually have the alternative items which you can make use of very well.

Have you noticed, going to shop after food helps to reduce the temptation of buying your most craved food? May be crisp, ice-cream! If not try it




  • Plan the meals in advance:


Its more fun when you do weekly planning with family and everyone including your 2 year old son gets to choose his favorite dish. On weekend you have an opportunity to celebrate with little treats like your favorite pizza or a trip to your favorite restaurant. But weekly planning will help you to create a better shopping list for your families health and environment as there will be little wastage of food.

If you have any questions regarding this article, please feel free to contact me by commenting or email : info@vitalityhealthclinic.co.uk.

Until, we meet in person.

Live well, Live with Vitality.



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