12 factors affecting your and your family’s heart. ACT so that you can help it beating for longer!


Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the major cause of death across Europe leading to more than 1.9 millions death per year. In the UK, more than quarter men and women die from CVD diseases.

Its not only UK, Word Health Organisation predicts world-wide increase in the CVD related death.

So isn’t it a right time to think about what can we all do NOW to know Why we has a global society experiencing this increase in the CVD?

Extensive global clinical studies have identified several factors that increase the risk of Heart diseases and stroke.

I have 2 news for you one good and other not so good. First let me start with not-so good one then I can finish with positive hope with the good one!

Non-modifiable RF’s:

Unfortunately there are a few factors which we can’t change which are termed as non-modifiable RF’s.

  1. Advanced age– being over 65 increases your risk of heart disease and risk of death from it.
  2. Gender-Being male increases your risk when compared to women.
  3. Genetics: They say you can select your friends but not your family. So true it has its advantages and disadvantages. If your close relatives, that is, either your parents or siblings have heart disease below the age of 55 then you are are more likely to develop it .

Some population have higher tendency to have increase in single risk factor which in-turns increases their overall CVD risk. For example people from African origin have more severe high blood pressure than Caucasians and hence higher risk of heart diseases. South Asians have high heart disease risk due to their higher rates of obesity and diabetes.

We can’t control these factors.

So what can we do?

Good news is, studies have also identified factors which you can modify, control or treat with medication or lifestyle changes to reduce your overall risk.

Don’t you think we all can focus much more on what we can do rather than what we can’t?

Modifiable risk factors

  1. Smoking:

We all know smoking increases your CVD risk. In fact smokers are up-to 2-4 times greater risk than non-smokers!!!

Smoking is also a powerful independent risk factor for sudden cardiac death in patients with coronary heart disease.Cigarette smoking also acts with other risk factors (such as blood pressure) to greatly increase the risk for coronary heart disease.Smoking increase your risk of suffering from Peripheral Artery disease [more about this in future blogs].

I understand it’s not easy to give up the habit. But willingness to ask for help is the first step towards success. Won’t you agree?

5.High blood cholesterol

As blood cholesterol rises, so does risk of coronary heart disease. When other risk factors (such as high blood pressure and tobacco smoke) are present, this risk increases even more.

A person’s cholesterol level is also affected by age, sex, heredity and diet.

Joint British society recommends following guideline targets for cholesterol:

Key Lipid Target for High Risk people  
Total Cholesterol <4mmol/ L or <155mg/dL
LDL (bad) <2mmol/L or < 80 mg/dL

Reference: Joint British Society-2

This risk factor is modifiable with medication or Lifestyle changes depending on its severity.

6.High blood pressure (BP)


 If you have High BP and you smoke or have high cholesterol or are diabetes then your risk of risk of heart attack or stroke increases several times.

Physical inactivity

Simply put, leading an inactive lifestyle increases your a risk of coronary heart disease.

So why not enjoy regular, moderate-to-vigorous physical activity or exercise to keep your heart and blood vessel to be in top form?

8.Obesity and overweight

This is really no brainer. People who carry extra insulation (read: fat) around their body especially around belly are more likely to develop heart disease and stroke even if they have no other risk factors.

Overweight increases load on your heart, affects your BP and other health factors which we discussed above.

But wait a minute! Good news is even loosing 10% of your current weight, you can lower your heart disease risk.

  1. Diabetes mellitus:  Diabetes have adverse effect on your risk of developing CVD. The risk increases even more when your blood sugar is not controlled.

If you have been diagnosed as pre-diabetes or are from South-Asian origin (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh) take steps to prevent developing diabetes in the first place to avoid future complications.

Other factors that contribute to heart disease risk



12.Poor Diet

In future blogs I will explore all these 12 risk factors and ways to control, reverse and prevent them in much more detail.

Also, I am developing a simple and fun tool that will help you and your family to easily identify and take control of these risk factors instantly. So watch the space!

In mean time, please share your comments, feedback and connect with me on social media.

I will be delighted to hear from you and your topic request.

Best wishes,

Vitality Health Clinic



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Case Study: From Pre-diabetes to normal….From Worry to Joy!

Mr. A came to Vitality Health Clinic in late 2014 with aim for weight loss only. He is 61 years old highly successful entrepreneur, which means he is extremely busy at his work. Along with that he has beautiful family with wife, children and grandchildren. This meant his priorities were focused on improving business and giving quality and quantity of time for his family. Along with that he suffered from shoulder joint arthritis and other medical issues. This resulted in gradual increase in his weight, abdominal obesity and high blood pressure. Challenges: he suffered from shoulder joint arthritis and other medical issues. This resulted in gradual increase in his weight, abdominal obesity and high blood pressure. During first consultation although weight loss was Mr. A’s focus my intention was to identify what his current lifestyle causing to his numbers and therefore I requested series of blood tests in November 2014. The surprising result of which was that he was nearly at the border of being Pre-diabetes. Mr. A was obviously concerned , as he knew the affected QOL of people with diabetes and he surely didn’t wanted his life to be affected in that way. Hurry, it gave him a bigger motivation to start his Vitality journey! We also calculated other baseline numbers, most importantly his heart age. Result: Mr A came to each session with hope and motivation and work we did together which combined Why and How of Lifestyle changes produced a huge result in matter of just 3 months. Andrew Blog He was no longer at the border of pre-diabetes, his heart age improved by 14 years! along with improving other health numbers ( example: Blood Pressure). Andrew blog 2 Most importantly, his energy rocketed to sky and he felt that he has necessary tools to take control of his health. In-fact he was so overjoyed that he even recorded his feelings in this video.


Please let me know what you think of Mr. A’s result? Did you know anyone who is experiencing similar struggles? If yes, my sincere wishes that they receive this message: “It is possible to achieve your health goals and enjoy superb quality of life, you just need right tool!” If you have any questions, comments or comments please Call us/ Email and Visit website www.vitalityhealthclinic.co.uk Till we meet in person, Enjoy Healthy Life and Remember, Prevention is Better than cure!