Get ready to transform: Take Action!

Up to now we have looked at the benefits of being at an ideal weight. We have tapped into the power of awareness and we have also created a strong intention. Naturally, you may wonder WHAT’S NEXT? How can we leverage the massive mind work that we have already done?

So here is the next important step – without completion of which your hard work will have been be futile. It’s very simple, basic and literally common sense (we all know common sense is not always common practice).

Its called Taking Actions!

If you were successful in consciously creating awareness and intentions and then completed the techniques stated in my previous articles, you may have already noticed some shifts around you. Opportunities may have appeared in various forms. Maybe you met a new person who successfully shed his or her excess weight and now is truly happy to share their wisdom with you. Or you may have found a fabulous health programme resonating with your needs, or maybe a new gym opened in your neighborhood that you would like to try. It is true, opportunities in various forms show up when your intentions and desires are in alignment with your true self.

So then what should you be doing when the opportunity knocks on your door? Answer: You Open The Door!

Simply grab the opportunity ….embrace the change! Even if it means taking small squirrel steps or really breaking through and taking MASSIVE ACTIONS.

I am giving you very easy 3 steps to help your journey towards taking fruitful actions to reach your goal of an ideal body.

  1. Decide to take an action: This step is very powerful! The word ‘decide’ comes from a Latin word meaning to ‘cut off from’ meaning you are ‘cutting off’ from all possibilities, except for the one you wanted’ in other words if you are decisive about an action you have ‘killed’ all the other options.

For example, you have decided that to improve your aerobic capacity and burn calories you will take up running/ walking/ jogging 5 days a week, between 6.30 am-7.15 am. When you decide to run, you have your running tracksuit ready, shoes by the door, alarm set, all the gears are in place the night before so that first thing you do after getting up is to hit the door (well, not literally) and not push the snooze button on your alarm clock. Remember, you are killing all other options except the one you desire.

  1. Create a new routine and do it consistently for the next 66 days:

So when you have decided to create a positive shift in an area of your health, the next step is to work on creating a new routine. We all know men and women are prey to habits and routine. You may have awesome routine in areas of life in which you are successful at and not so ideal in other areas. But it is possible to reverse that trend, simply plan your new routine and place the it in the visible area of your bedroom or kitchen.

For example, you have decided to cook a healthy meal at home over the weekend and freeze it for the week ahead so that you can eat home -cooked food the whole week rather than resort to ordering take-aways on the night you come late from the work. Here’s an idea for a new routine you can create! Gather all your family together on Saturday afternoon and ask for their ideas for next week’s menu and you can all help each other to prepare it. What a great way to have a family time on Saturday afternoon (besides your kids will be learning great health lessons from you).

However, the key to the success of this new routine is to do it consistently until the habit is formed. Psychologists from University College London have found that it can take up-to 66 days to form a new habit. Although it may differ from person-to-person and what new behaviour they are aiming to achieve (Phillipa and colleague 2009).


  1. Create a positive experience around new behavior:

Research in neuroscience suggests that strong neuro-associations (wiring in your brain) are formed when you associate new behaviour with something pleasurable. This will increase the likelihood of that behaviour repeating easily and effortlessly.

So think about some positive rewards you can give yourself every week upon completion of your new behaviour.

An example may be going for a spa day with your partner or having a massage, or enjoying a golf day, or even going to a football match with the lads! Ideas are limitless, only you know what ticks your box!

By following these 3 steps you will soon be on a new road to a transformed lifestyle and healthy weight and I will be there to congratulate you from my heart!

So until we meet in person, Stay Strong and Stay blessed!

Live with Passion, Live with Vitality

Pranita Salunke


How are habits formed: Modelling habit formation in the real world

Phillippa Lally*, Cornelia H. M. van Jaarsveld, Henry W. W. Potts and Jane Wardle article first published online: 16 JUL 2009

(This is the 4th and last post in the series of 4 articles to keep you motivated to take ACTIONS towards your healthy weight!)fit-athlete